We concentrate on both system solutions and single power supplies

Elcon refines and ensures provision of power with a principle of sustainable development. We have the possibility to affect the cleanliness of the environment on our own part by developing energy-saving products and solutions for a better future. Our customers mainly work in the fields of energy, ICT, transportation and processes. We bring them extra value with energy-efficient power distribution products, ideas and services as well as energy and telecommunications applications.

Solid experience in sustainable development of provision of electric power

Online electricity will do for a standard bulb, but new energy-saving devices, such as LEDs, need transformed web electricity. The transformation is done by the power supply. The modern power supply is a combination of energy-saving efficient electronics, digital technology and mechanisms. Elcon’s business idea is to develop, produce and market customer and application-specific power supplies and secured power delivery and electronics system solutions.

The functionality of the most important devices, from the point of view of the community, must be ensured, also in the case of any problems the electricity network may undergo. In these situations, power delivery systems with back-up batteries are the solution. These are needed in the operating room of a hospital, just as in the control room of a power station. Usage of new energy sources such as solar and wind power, as well as fuel cells, is increasing along with batteries. Our products are already being used in challenging conditions around the world, from the Tropics to the Arctic Circle.

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