The quality policy ensures top-quality products

Through its operations, Elcon seeks to produce top-quality products and services for its customers. We always seek to understand our customer’s real needs, which we keep an eye on when we develop our product and service. Our quality system ISO9001:2000 is certified through Bureau Veritas and our goal is mastery in the product/market application of our choice.

The mental and material well-being of people is a core objective in our business activity. This is to do with not only the personnel but also customers, families, co-operative partners, owners and financiers. High-quality products and services contribute to increasing well-being. We also take the requirements and needs of the community around us into account.

A profitable business activity arises from expertise, continuously developing it and the trust gained from customers. The key words of our expertise are technology, management or the project and other services, cost-awareness and communication. Without expertise, it’s not possible to produce a high level of quality.

We specify our quality targets and monitoring methods on an annual basis. The measurements in use are simple enough and help the attainment of the targets. We have a desire to develop, we believe in ourselves and trust that our future is bright.

Environmental policy is an important part of our operations

Elcon is a company that produces and markets devices for refining and securing electricity, committed in its product development to designing durable and safe products which stay environmentally friendly through their whole life cycle, taking care of manufacturing and distribution while preserving natural resources and minimising emissions. We also advise our customers on how to use our products in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.

We select the materials and components used in our products so that their recyclability is as great as possible when use of the product is ended. Our environmental management system covers all of Elcon’s operations and our personnel are committed to respecting, adapting and maintaining jointly drafted practices, satisfying the requirements of the ISO-14001 standard.

Our company is committed to respecting decreed environmental laws and directives, preventing pollution of the environment pre-emptively and continuously improving the level of its performance in terms of environmental preservation. With open communications, we create the requisites for solid co-operation with authorities and other interest groups. We carry this out in line with our annual action plan, the fulfilment of which is monitored on a regular basis by the company’s management.

Sustainable development is a cornerstone of our environmental policy. We favour energy-saving technologies in our operations. We improve the state, functional efficiency and profitability of the environment with proper management of environmental issues and by respecting environmental legislation and directives that relates to us.

The efficiency, cleanliness and order are brought to the fore in our day-to-day business. We annually specify environmental targets and monitoring methods. The measurements in question are simple enough and help the targets to be reached.

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