DC systems for industry

Our backed-up power supply systems are in use right now in many substations, power plants and in ensuring the process automation of industry. All our accumulators are based on switching technology and we always seek in designing and manufacturing them to achieve as good an efficiency ratio and environmentally-friendly solution as possible.

Typical delivery configurations are 600W - 50 kW. 

The Toivo system and Ilmari system

The power sources of Elcon’s DC systems are modular

We construct DC systems through an n+1 process, so that the system is redundant. Elcon’s range of industrial systems includes the following power and voltage options:

The values are the details for an individual rectifier module.

Korkean jännitteen DC-järjestelmät

The monitors of the Ilmari product family

Ilmari CXC brings advanced technology to the DC industry. This compact control unit is designed for seamless use and installation with Elcon’s power sources and it is fitted with many different functions. The graphic LCD display and the modern user interface which is controlled through a touch-screen display enable the device to be installed simply and smoothly, as well as its adjustment and monitoring on site. By making use of TCP/IP technology, the full configuration and monitoring of the device can also be done through an Internet browser. The llmari CXC control unit guarantees the trouble-free use of the Ilmari rectifier family. Time-consuming and complicated installation and monitoring of DC devices and supplementary equipment is now a thing of the past.

The monitors of the Toivo product family

The microcontroller-based monitors of the SM3x series control the monitoring and management of the Toivo product family’s accumulator, transformer and inverter modules. They monitor the various functional values of the modules, such as the DC voltage, accumulator current, battery current, battery temperature and distribution alerts. A notification of alerts is given visually with the LED lights and the LCD display on the front panel, a sonic buzzer and remote monitoring is made possible with voltage-free relay contacts   and a WEB-based management system (TCP/IP, SNMP). With the aid of the built-in WEB server, the parameters of the monitor can be managed remotely either in an LAN or Internet network. With the aid of a USB port, the monitors of the SM3x series can be managed locally and parameter settings can also be loaded into the monitor.

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