Modern electrical energy technology has proved to be a useful field of choice

Jukka Kitunen works as a Design Engineer. He graduated as a Master of Science in Technology in 2008 from Tampere University of Technology. He majored in modern electrical energy.


– In addition to solar and wind energy studies, we also had fuel cell and hydrogen technology topics in our studies. In 2008 we could not predict, how these technologies would proceed in the future, Kitunen says.


Routines and challenges in a balanced ratio

Kitunen started to work at Elcon in 2019. Before moving to Elcon, he gathered experience from working with compensation devices for reactive power for ten years. Compensation systems were delivered to the main grids electrical substations and to big steel plants all over the world. The schedules of these projects could easily stretch. In his current position Kitunen enjoys projects, which are manageable with a clear schedule. Work community and the company are convenient in size: decision making is smooth, and he knows his colleagues. At its best, everyday work offers routine tasks and more challenging projects.


– I am very familiarized with Elcon’s basic systems and working with them is effortless. We produce circuit diagrams and layouts, which we customize according to the customers requirements. We also deliver them DC power supply systems, inverters, and batteries for auxiliary electricity systems. Though we mainly work on our computers, sometimes I participate in production and testing.


Besides shorter projects and routine tasks, Elcon has ongoing bigger and more challenging projects, too. These projects include designing and delivering auxiliary power systems and motor centers to boiler power plants in Finland and Europe.


– These deliveries are large-scale, and they might include over 40 row cabinets. Because the spaces for the cabinets are limited in boiler power plants, the designer must have an ability to apply things in practice. These kinds of projects are challenging, but also interesting.


Collecting solar energy to batteries interests

Elcon has batteries, which are compatible with systems which collect electricity through solar panels. These solutions interest public as well as the hard-core professionals of the field.


– At this moment I am especially interested in the functions and developing of batteries which collect solar electricity. The high demand has awoken all kind of service providers, but cost efficient, safe, and functional systems are now the object of great interest. In my opinion, Elcon has all the qualities to be a part of this development and to answer the demand.


Elcon was one of the suppliers in a large-scale RESPONSE  project, which was related especially to the self-sufficient energy production.


– The RESPONSE project is a very interesting project, and it was great to participate in it. There could absolutely be continuity for this kind of projects.


Commuting with “an engineer-like twist”

Kitunen participates in saving energy with concrete acts in his personal life. He saves in gasoline costs, because he cycles the 5-kilometer-long commute to work around the year, in whatever weather conditions. And an engineer could not be an engineer if the work would not merge in the free time also.


– I have actively cycled for years and besides riding I also assemble bicycles. Working on bikes is easy once you learn to do it by yourself. I have also made myself an electric bicycle to which I bought the electric parts separately.