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  • 28.11.2023
    5 questions about climate action: Towards carbon neutrality with solar power systems

    This article is produced by the City of Turku and it was originally published on the City of Turku's website.


    Elcon Solutions, a promoter of renewable energy, focuses on solar power and energy storage in its operations. By developing and selling battery technology, the company enables an energy transition across various industries. Products designed and manufactured in Finland play a part in reducing carbon emissions and ensuring the security of energy distribution.



    Climate action in a nutshell


    Elcon Solutions


    • Designs, manufactures ja developes battery-backed systems and solar power technology
    • Collaborates with customers and partners to develop best practices and processes
    • Has also invested in solar energy for its own operations, particularly concerning facility premises


    Sales Director Rainer Nurkkala answered to following questions.



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Elcon in Brief

Elcon Solutions Oy specializes in the development, sale and marketing of electrical and electronic products.


The products are designed and manufactured in Finland.


The company offers AC and DC power supply systems with battery backup that are suitable for power plants, electricity distribution, railway transportation, industry and ICT and telecommunications electrical systems.


Elcon offers Switchgear systems for energy distribution as well.


Modular solutions combined with in-house product design and manufacturing enable high-quality, customized and cost-effective power supply systems tailored to the customer's needs from a domestic supplier.

  • Modular structure In-house product design
  • manufacturing, and testing
  • Skilled, dedicated, and agile organization
  • Comprehensive, professional technical support service



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