Electricity distribution and low-voltage components

Elcon imports and sells high-quality electricity distribution components by OEZ, manufactured in the Czech Republic and other European countries.  The company has been developing and producing its product portfolio for more than 75 years. OEZ is a part of Siemens Group since 2007.

The products of OEZ are designed to protect low-voltage electrical circuits and installations. The products include miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, arc fault detection devices, overvoltage protections, switching devices and other devices.


Elcon imports and sells Accuenergy’s (Canada) power and energy metering products.

Accuenergy is the leading manufacturer of power and energy metering products, specializing in research, development, manufacturing and delivery of high-class, innovative, accurate and cost-effective solutions following the continuous improvement principle.

The range includes one- and three-phase multifunction power meters, multicircuit meters, DC power meters, Hall effect sensors as well as data acquisition systems.