• 22.12.2021
    Seasons's Greetings

    Elcon's entire team wishes all its customers and partners a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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  • 01.10.2021
    Change of Managing Director of Elcon Solutions Oy

    Elcon Solutions Oy changes Managing Director.


    Rainer Nurkkala will resign as Managing Director and Mika Lappalainen, Chairman of the Board of Polarinst Oy, will start as CEO of Elcon Solutions Oy on October 1, 2021.


    Rainer Nurkkala has been involved in developing and piloting the company during the difficult Covid period. Rainer will continue as Elcon's sales director and expert positions and will continue to support our customers. We thank Rainer for his contribution to the company.


    Turku 1.10.2021            Mika Lappalainen, CEO 

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  • 14.06.2021
    Polarinst Oy and Elcon Solutions Oy have merged

    A new  corporation structure provides more added value to our customers.


    Project automation management and engineering knowledge of the group offers better synergies and broader scope of supply on services.


    Polarinst delivers demanding marine and power plant automation projects and Elcon Solutions is focusing on battery backup technology products.


    Customer projects are implemented by using installation, manufacturing and engineering resources of the corporation.


    We are now better than ever at your service.

    You can rely on us.


    Please contact for further information:

    Polarinst Oy

    Mika Lappalainen



    +358 400 726 826


    Elcon Solutions Oy

    Mika Lappalainen

    Managing Director


    +358 400 726 826

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  • 25.03.2021
    Communications with ICE 61850 protocol

    New feature of Elcon Power Systems is IEC 61859 support. It can be used for data transfer to e.g. SCADA systems.

    The measurements and alarms of EPS can be transfered via MODBUS TCP and SNMP as well.

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  • 01.03.2021
    New Features - More Redundancy

    •In modular EPS systems, it is possible

    to add two control units to one system.

    •The first one operates as a main controller and the
    second one as a reserve unit.

    •If an unlikely event occurs where the
    main controller fails, the reserve unit takes over control of the EPS System

    •In this way, the redundancy of the entire EPS system can
    be increased.

    •However, the EPS system also works without a control
    unit, in which case the rectifier modules supply the load with the basic

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  • 07.12.2020
    Solarwatt MyReserve: Modular Solar Battery

    SOLARWATT presents the first fully modular power storage device in the world: the MyReserve. Thanks to its extendable design, it is virtually unlimited in terms of capacity and performance.

    The system is built from modules that consists of lithium battery cells and power electronics. That brings many benefits:

    ■ Scalable capacity 2.4 - 7.2 kWh (charge and discharge power 0.8 - 24 kW)

    ■ Battery size is adjustable afterwards

    ■ Needs only a little mounting space on the wall

    ■ Easy and quick installation. Heaviest part is 25 kg, only one technician can carry out the installation

    ■ In case of maintenance or fault in module, only the faulty one needs to be replaced 

    The modular solar battery is now available form Elcon Solutions.

    Please contacts sales to get more information.

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  • 11.11.2020
    ​Verkosto-messut siirtyvät lokakuulle 2021. Tervetuloa osastollemme A 184!

    Verkosto-messujen ajankohta muuttunut korona pandemian takia. Jotta mahdollisimman moni kävijä ja näytteilleasettaja voisi osallistua messuille, ne pidetään 6.-7.10.2021. 

    Tervetuloa osastollemme A 184!

    Lisää tietoa löytyy messujen sivuilta.

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  • 03.11.2020
    Contact us

    We have updated the contact and visiting information

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  • 14.10.2020
    Elcon takes part in the Network 2012 trade fair 20.–21.1.2021

    Elcon participates the Network 2021 trade fair at Tampere 20.–21.1.2021.

    Welcome to our exhibition stand A 184.

    We'll see you there.

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  • 02.02.2020
    Welcome to visit our booth at SähköTeleValoAV 2020

    Dear Customers and Partners,
    Please visit us at SähköTeleValoAV 2020 trade fair!
    Stand D-106

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  • 15.12.2019
    Elcon is moving to new premises

    Ensuring the continuous growth of Elcon we are moving to a new location.

    Our new address is;
    Lukkosepänkatu 4
    20320 Turku

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  • 30.04.2019
    Mr. Rainer Nurkkala has been appointed as a new Managing Director

    Mr. Rainer Nurkkala (M. Sc. in Information Technology) has been appointed as a new Managing Director of Elcon Solutions and he will start from 6th May 2019. Mr. Nurkkala has a strong and versatile international sales and project experience on electricity and energy sector.

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