• 22.11.2022

    Elcon Solutions Oy and Polarinst Oy have moved to joint office on November 1, 2022; Lisenssikatu 2, Naantali.


    Elcon Solutions Oy supplies product solutions for back up power and storage of electrical energy, and Polarinst Oy supplies demanding ship and power plant automation solutions. The companies formed a group structure in the summer of 2021. Shared offices are the next step in closer cooperation between the parent company and the subsidiary.



    Mika Lappalainen, CEO

    Elcon Solutions Oy and Polarinst Oy
    Puh. +358 400 726 826



    Photograph: Timo Sundgren

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  • 21.10.2022
    The wireless battery monitoring system minimizes the number of maintenance visits and reduces overall maintenance costs

    Elcon delivers wireless battery monitoring system CELLGUARD™ Wireless. The monitoring system is especially suitable for lead batteries (BMS). The connection between battery sensors and Base Coordinator Unit is formed wirelessly.

    This system offers precise and reliable indicator of the battery health through analyzing voltage, temperature, and monitoring conductance. It is possible to monitor the condition of the battery in real time through the web-interface which is included in the monitoring system. The interface allows changes, updates and monitoring the whole system remotely. With noise tolerance the CELLGUARD™ wireless battery monitoring system is suitable for power plants and data centers. This battery monitoring system can monitor up to 16 battery strings with 300 batteries at maximum.


    The need for capacity/discharge tests reduces


    In some cases, capacity/discharge tests might cause temporary breaks in securing operations. The battery monitoring system decreases these risks. The monitoring system do not remove the need of capacity/discharge tests completely, but it reduces the need of them remarkably. The capacity of battery is measured with sensors and the trend chart which formulates over longer period with the help of measurements will tell when the condition of the battery is in such a state that it needs essential maintenance.

    The wireless system consists of these components:

    • Wireless sensor
    • Base Coordinator Unit BCU
    • Voltage, temperature and current measurement unit (VTC)
    • DC-DC -inverter
    • Current converter
    • CONVERGETM Web-interface

    The installation of the wireless monitoring systems needs only one maintenance break to be available for use.


    Reduce the overall maintenance costs


    By using condition monitoring (trend charts) it is possible to plan the necessary maintenance actions for the battery proactively (preventive maintenance) before the battery state-of-health is unsatisfactory. For example, if the conductance trend graph shows that the battery is nearing the end of its service life, the maintenance break can be planned beforehand and be performed on time. If the replacement batteries are only purchased when the condition of the batteries is already poor, considerable costs and delays in the operation of the battery backup system may arise. Preventive maintenance and reduction of capacity tests will decrease the overall maintenance costs of the batteries.


    Solutions for battery monitoring in an environment with electromagnetic interference


    If the batteries are in an environment with electromagnetic interferences, the remote monitoring can be done with CELLGUARD™ Wired battery monitoring system (BMS). This system has the same benefits as the wireless version, but the connection between sensors and Base Coordinator Unit is wired.


    The user interface enables remote system monitoring, configurations, and firmware updates


    CONVERGE™ web interface comes with the wireless and wired battery monitoring systems as default. The interface enables the following operations:

    • Perfect overall evaluation of the condition of battery and battery strings.
    • Real time information about the voltage, temperature, conductance and the resistance of the connection between batteries
    • Two-way communication inside network allows for remote configuration, setup, changes, and firmware updates
    • Configurations can be downloaded and saved or if needed, to be used for setting up other similar assemblies
    • Remote BCU and sensor firmware updates, Modbus configuration, manual tests for voltage, temperature and conductance and the system reset
    • Clear picture of the overall condition of the system, alarms and warnings

    Ask more about the wireless battery monitoring system from us!


    Rainer Nurkkala
    Sales Director
     +358 44 538 6003


    Janne Nurmi
    Sales Manager
     +358 45 230 5070



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  • 05.10.2022
    A meaningful job description and a pleasant work community add up to a cozy workplace

    — This job is a great combination of different tasks. Occasional gig work helps balance everyday routines. At the moment, my main tasks are testing switchboards and training staff in assembly. Variation comes from commissioning and maintenance gigs, says Toni Sulin. Sulin started working at Elcon in assembly right after his military service and now works as a switchboard mechanic.


    After starting his career in assembly, Sulin’s job description has constantly expanded. Today, new employees still go through the same learning process: they start with simpler tasks and move on to more challenging work as their expertise increases.


    — My degree in Electrical Engineering has been a good base for my work here at Elcon. I have studied coding in my free time, which has also been useful. The majority of learning obviously comes from the work itself. The atmosphere here is good – we are happy to answer each other’s questions and tackle challenges together.


    Testing switchboards requires precision and meticulousness


    The work of a tester requires precision and meticulousness. If topped off with a passion for problem solving, testing can be very rewarding.


    — Testing gets easier with experience. Developing a product to its most functional and highest-selling form brings a challenge to my work. Of course, product development cannot be taken to extremes. The price of the product has to remain at a sensible level for the customer. I have been involved in developing the mechanics and the technology of new products.


    Sulin’s extensive work experience is a great advantage in the maintenance and commissioning tasks he occasionally performs at the sites of customers and contractors.


    — Irregular gigs bring much needed variation to everyday routines. Customers also provide direct feedback on the products, which is valuable in terms of product development and sales.


    A clear job description brings balance to everyday life


    If a person works the same job for 10 years, there is a reason behind it. Commitment stems from many different factors. At Elcon, there is an atmosphere of trust and easy-goingness. According to Sulin, this is achieved through good leadership, varying work tasks and a low hierarchy. Coming back to work from vacation is easy when you know exactly where to pick back up.


    — Our staff turnover is pretty low, so I have known my co-workers for a long time. The open dialogue here at Elcon motivates learning. We do not have to be afraid of making mistakes. Variating tasks keep our interest up. I am happy working here and pleased to see Elcon moving forward and growing. Growth always comes with new possibilities.

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  • 09.09.2022
    Elcon Solutions Participates in Global RESPONSE Project

    The city of Turku aims to be carbon neutral by the year 2029 and to be climate positive from there on. This was one of the many factors for Turku to apply to the EU funded RESPONSE project, which aims to establish a strategic vision for smart cities energy transition towards climate-neutrality by 2050.


    During the RESPONSE project Turku and another lighthouse city – Dijon in France – will develop positive energy blocks (PEBs) and districts (PEDs) with six other fellow cities. These positive energy blocks mean areas which produce at minimum as much energy as they consume. Turku and Dijon will build the solutions, which will be introduced to other fellow cities during the project.



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  • 25.08.2022
    Elcon is at the fair – come and ask us about renewable energy storage!

    The largest professional event in the Nordic countries, the Sähkö Valo Tele Av fair, will be held in September 7.-9.9.2022. The electricity fair offers its visitors a unique overview of industry trends and new technologies and operators. All suppliers, customers and partners gather at the most important trade fair in the industry, and again this year all the exhibitor seats at the fair have been sold out!

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  • 19.08.2022
    Batteries to shave energy peaks and to secure critical functions

    Places where are considerable peak demands or extended runtimes require big batteries. With Elcon’s batteries it is possible to secure, for example, control systems of factories for several hours or even up to a day to secure the undisturbed functions of a factory.


    Batteries are a step closer to self-sufficiency


    Energy becoming more expensive, unstable world situation and environment friendly thinking have risen the interest towards self-sufficiency in the terms of electrical energy. Self-sufficiency is seen as an important and interesting matter in every sector of the society.


    A good example of this interest is the Response-project, in which energy positive neighborhoods and cities are piloted. Elcon takes part to this project with their batteries, which are connected to the DC Microgrid. This high voltage electrical grid covers several real estates. DC batteries are joined to the electrical grid, and they are used to store renewable energy. The stored energy can be distributed between the real estates joined to the DC Microgrid without additional conversions.


    – Batteries are the most suitable for the storing of renewable energy, such as solar energy. The batteries can also be a part of a bigger energy storage system. Because the green transition is accelerating, the need for these kinds of batteries will probably grow, says Juha Raukola, Engineering Manager of Elcon.


    Storing the renewable energy helps to shave consumption peaks and reduce energy bill when energy demand is high. With the stored energy it is possible to optimize the use of the most affordable electricity. When the price of the electricity or the consumption are high, savings can be achieved through using one’s own energy storage.



    Undisturbed power to critical functions



    Elcon’s batteries are the perfect fit for e.g., industry systems, electricity distribution and to secure data traffic, as well as for UPS’s. Elcon has also delivered verification systems to critical functions, which maintain society’s technical infrastructure.


    – In a society there are always some places which must be running undisturbed in every situation. We are very proud that our devices fill the criteria for the highest standards, and we can be a part of actions which make our society safer.


    The right battery for the right place


    Battery technology is developing fast but traditional lead acid batteries are still relevant in the market. The popularity of lithium batteries is raising because of their excellent charging and discharging features. These features are important when the battery is charged and discharged frequently, even daily. Lead batteries are a great fit to locations where extended run is not needed so often but when it is needed, the extended runtime is longer. Additionally, they are popular because of their price.


    Batteries based on lithium technology are a versatile group. For example, lithium iron phosphate batteries used in the Response-project have a lifetime of 15 years, which is remarkably longer than lithium-ion batteries.


    – When thinking about the most suitable solution it is important to give a thought for the use of the batteries. Seemingly more affordable product might not be cheaper for the long run if the batteries do not fill the demands of the use. For example, using lead acid batteries in a hot climate is not the best decision. Instead, one should prefer nickel cadmium batteries which can tolerate heat much better than lead batteries.


    Finnish know-how to develop hydrogen economy


    Finnish government announced on the 22nd of June 2022 that a national hydrogen network will be established in Finland. The ambitious climate targets set by Finland and the EU, the rise in energy prices and phasing out Russian fossil energy have accelerated the need to find new energy solutions, particularly emission-free ones. There are also other reasons behind this decision – the Finnish government sees a great potential in the hydrogen economy, and it hints in the announcement that Finland could have a remarkable role as a hydrogen producer and as a country exporting hydrogen.


    This is not a surprise for Elcon and they already have thought solutions for the hydrogen technology.

    – We have taken this into consideration in our products. We have the technical readiness to add fuel cells as a part of electric distribution verification in the EPS System. Hydrogen produced with using renewable energy is completely clean and with the help of fuel cells it can be turned into electrical and heat energy. By replacing, for example, a diesel generator with fuel cells emissions can be reduced remarkably.


    Are you interested in storing renewable energy and DC batteries? Call or send us an email and ask more!


    Rainer Nurkkala, Sales Director +358 44 538 6003 rainer.nurkkala(at)

    Janne Nurmi, Sales Manager +358 45 230 5070 janne.nurmi(at)

    Juha Raukola, Engineering Manager +358 45 122 5628 juha.raukola(at)



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  • 22.06.2022
    Elcon won Nokia

    Janne Nurmi swam upstream in the end stage of his studies when he did not apply for an internship in Nokia’s factory in 2008. Instead, Nurmi wanted to do his internship in a company where he could get familiar with the field from a more versatile viewpoint.


    – I had heard that in Nokia engineering students were put working on an assembly line. I wanted something else, and I applied for the internship at Elcon. I did my diploma work here and after that they made me a permanent employee, says Nurmi.


    Elcon is known for long-term employments and changes in the personnel are small. The company still employs interns who are looking for a place where to do their diploma work.


    – I believe that the free and positive atmosphere in our company is the reason why people stay with us. We do not watch over other’s shoulders but instead we trust to our colleague’s know-how. It is important to have long-term employees with us because they know a lot about the company, and they also have tacit knowledge.


    Sales Manager with deep technical know-how


    Nowadays Nurmi works at Elcon as a Sales Manager, who has a strong technical understanding of Elcon’s products and solutions. Customer gets an accurate offer cost wise because the offer is made precisely according to the customers hopes and needs. Rapid and thorough replies to call for offers are one of Elcon’s competitive factors.


    – I have worked in testing for several years and I have taken part to developing our current EPS systems.  So, I am very familiar with these products and solutions. This is one of the most important things working as a salesperson. We want to sell solutions which work for the customer the best way possible. That is why the salesperson should be able to give answers to very different questions. If we do not know the answer, we will look for it. This field of business fascinates me to a point where new questions are always an interesting challenge. The on-going learning is one of the most fascinating things at Elcon.


    A trustworthy supplier for international companies


    Elcon emphasizes process development and continuously maintaining quality . As a partner for multinational companies Elcon has been able to develop their actions and products to answer to the most demanding terms the customers could have.


    – We do not compromise the quality of our products, documentation and instructions are on an excellent level and we have designed the installation to be as easy as possible. We stand behind the products we have developed and manufactured – our product is adequate for whatever additions the customer would like to add to it.

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  • 25.05.2022
    Elcon is committed to a long-term development

    The most important thing for a customer during the contract negotiations is the price. Besides delivery reliability and great quality-price ratio, the customer can get a whole lot more, when goals and wishes are communicated openly during the negotiations. At Elcon they are happy to discuss about these things.


    – To our customers, we offer a partnership which is beneficial for both partners. Innovations and development are focused to solutions which advance both, the customer and us, says Mika Lappalainen CEO of Elcon.


    The whole personnel are committed to maintaining quality systems


    Stable quality is not a coincidence, but it is achieved by systematic work. The CEO does not want to highlight any specific subject, which is in excellent state in the company. According to Lappalainen “we already make things as good as we can, and our aim is to turn the good to be the best”. Lappalainen also credits their personnel for the stable and ongoing maintenance of the quality systems.


     – Our supervisors and employees are committed to maintaining the quality systems, because they know how beneficial those are. Being systematic makes everyone’s life easier.


    Another motivating factor for developing the quality systems is that the company allocates generated savings to the use of the personnel.


    – We have succeeded in creating a win-win-situation: Our personnel are rewarded for their good work and this work causes benefits for the company and for the customers.


    “Our professionals are remarkably interested in this field”


    At Elcon they focus on listening and having conversations with the customer. From the basis of these conversations, they can offer solutions tailored to meet the customer’s needs. At Elcon they do not sell package solutions right from the shelf. The aim of the conversations is to find a solution which will serve the customer now and, in the future, as well.


    Trust is built when customers notice that beside ongoing contract manufacturing, Elcon also offers services for customers’ needs which might be the most various and need innovations. The development requires from the personnel a real desire for innovation and solving challenges, on top of the know-how they already have.


    – People working with us are really interested in their field of work. Positive attitude and motivation to develop new solutions causes visible results which directly benefits our customers.


    Taking responsibility on every aspect of the business


    As a partner of big and international companies, Elcon maintains and develops quality systems (ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015) as well as code of conduct. With business continuity plan they ensure functions under surprising circumstances. The company uses ERP system which is vastly utilized in planning of the company’s economy, service processes, and course of actions. Pedantic documentation has been one of the company’s most important course of actions for a long time.


    – We are ready to develop our operations according to the strict requirements our customers have. Even better, if the development can be utilized for our other functions in the long run as well. It is great that in these kind of collaborations big customers are willing to understand the viewpoint of the supplier.


    Interested in collaboration? Get to know our personnel and give us a call!

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  • 29.04.2022
    Finnish company Elcon takes care of electricity distribution and power supply also during crises

    Finnish company Elcon takes care of electricity distribution and power supply also during crises

    Elcon Solutions manufactures power supply systems for critical targets in which high safety factors are self-evident. Elcon has four standard models for power supply systems: DC, AC, Hybrid and DC/DC systems.  The Elcon Power Systems main components are rectifiers, batteries, converters, and inverters which are installed in a system cabinet and controlled by the system controller. The main components as well as the outputs are modular. Thereby Elcon Power Systems are customized according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.


    Elcon Power System provides the lowest lifecycle costs on the market


    Elcon has developed and designed their products for fifteen years – and it has paid off. Elcon Power Systems (EPS) has been delivered to eighty different countries to respond to the needs of power plants, industries, ICT, railway traffic, and telecom. In other words, this means over 2000 delivered EPS’s. The Finnish manufacturer ensures that the components are at hand as well as fast technical support when maintenance is needed. Elcons’ database holds vast amount of information from the fifteen-year period and this information is used to improve their products even further.

    – The durability of the components we have chosen to use has been tested thoroughly. We have also chosen components which are available in the future as well. Because of this, the lifecycle costs of the products are the lowest on the market, says Rainer Nurkkala, Sales Director of Elcon Solutions.


    Easy installation, ready to use – this is Elcon Power System


    – We deliver to our customers products that are easy to understand and use. In practice this means that we must choose the right solution for the customer, test meticulously before delivery, deliver clear installation guidelines, and ensure accessible technical support over the phone. Before choosing the solution for our customer, we check things that might not even cross our customer’s mind.

    Every device leaving the factory is tested thoroughly before delivery. The device’s cables are also checked to make sure that they are the right fit for the customer’s connections. After the installation the device is ready to be used because it is already parametrized.

    – The mechanics have a sweet spot for our devices because the installation is so easy. The design is thought through to make the installation and commissioning a piece of cake for competent mechanics.


    Demanding customers have made us to exceed ourselves


    Elcon also consults customers after they have purchased the products. The customer relations are more like partnerships than only buying and selling products and services.

    – We have an exceptional customer base that knows exactly what they want. They have high standards which is a great thing. Know-how and experience are not enough in these kinds of collaborations. The most important things are the will to excel and success. We are sincerely interested in providing the best possible solution on the market. We aim to be a partner, who offers something new for the most experienced project managers around.


    Read more about us!

    Do not hesitate to contact us!


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  • 11.02.2022
    Year 2021 was a time of change for Elcon

    Extensive EPS AC and DC system projects such as Wärtsilä Smart Technology Hub Vaasa, Hitachi GRQ5A in the Netherlands, Fingrid Kärppiö and Wärtsilä CCI Mexicali Oriente / CCI Parque Industrial provided a good starting point for the past year. The company's processes and delivered projects achieved the quality targets set in the ISO standards.

    The corporate reorganization started in the spring and its implementation with Polarinst Ltd brought credit and stability to the company. The reorganizational arrangements between Polarinst and Elcon liberated the atmosphere of the work community and gave energy to the company' s development work. Coercion and old-fashioned thoughts were left behind, with new and innovative ideas. The allocation of human resources has increased productivity and employee motivation through renewed work assignments.

    Interesting projects this year, such as the development of RESPONSE (integrated Solutions for Positive eNergy and resilient CitiEs) and Elcon's Lithium High-Voltage Battery Storage, will lay the foundation for renewable energy storage. 

    A good start to 2022 has been made possible by the increased motivation and innovative ideas of our staff and good customer relationships.

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  • 22.12.2021
    Seasons's Greetings

    Elcon's entire team wishes all its customers and partners a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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  • 01.10.2021
    Change of Managing Director of Elcon Solutions Oy

    Elcon Solutions Oy changes Managing Director.


    Rainer Nurkkala will resign as Managing Director and Mika Lappalainen, Chairman of the Board of Polarinst Oy, will start as CEO of Elcon Solutions Oy on October 1, 2021.


    Rainer Nurkkala has been involved in developing and piloting the company during the difficult Covid period. Rainer will continue as Elcon's sales director and expert positions and will continue to support our customers. We thank Rainer for his contribution to the company.


    Turku 1.10.2021            Mika Lappalainen, CEO 

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  • 14.06.2021
    Polarinst Oy and Elcon Solutions Oy have merged

    A new  corporation structure provides more added value to our customers.


    Project automation management and engineering knowledge of the group offers better synergies and broader scope of supply on services.


    Polarinst delivers demanding marine and power plant automation projects and Elcon Solutions is focusing on battery backup technology products.


    Customer projects are implemented by using installation, manufacturing and engineering resources of the corporation.


    We are now better than ever at your service.

    You can rely on us.


    Please contact for further information:

    Polarinst Oy

    Mika Lappalainen



    +358 400 726 826


    Elcon Solutions Oy

    Mika Lappalainen

    Managing Director


    +358 400 726 826

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  • 25.03.2021
    Communications with ICE 61850 protocol

    New feature of Elcon Power Systems is IEC 61859 support. It can be used for data transfer to e.g. SCADA systems.

    The measurements and alarms of EPS can be transfered via MODBUS TCP and SNMP as well.

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  • 01.03.2021
    New Features - More Redundancy

    •In modular EPS systems, it is possible

    to add two control units to one system.

    •The first one operates as a main controller and the
    second one as a reserve unit.

    •If an unlikely event occurs where the
    main controller fails, the reserve unit takes over control of the EPS System

    •In this way, the redundancy of the entire EPS system can
    be increased.

    •However, the EPS system also works without a control
    unit, in which case the rectifier modules supply the load with the basic

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  • 07.12.2020
    Solarwatt MyReserve: Modular Solar Battery

    SOLARWATT presents the first fully modular power storage device in the world: the MyReserve. Thanks to its extendable design, it is virtually unlimited in terms of capacity and performance.

    The system is built from modules that consists of lithium battery cells and power electronics. That brings many benefits:

    ■ Scalable capacity 2.4 - 7.2 kWh (charge and discharge power 0.8 - 24 kW)

    ■ Battery size is adjustable afterwards

    ■ Needs only a little mounting space on the wall

    ■ Easy and quick installation. Heaviest part is 25 kg, only one technician can carry out the installation

    ■ In case of maintenance or fault in module, only the faulty one needs to be replaced 

    The modular solar battery is now available form Elcon Solutions.

    Please contacts sales to get more information.

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  • 11.11.2020
    ​Verkosto-messut siirtyvät lokakuulle 2021. Tervetuloa osastollemme A 184!

    Verkosto-messujen ajankohta muuttunut korona pandemian takia. Jotta mahdollisimman moni kävijä ja näytteilleasettaja voisi osallistua messuille, ne pidetään 6.-7.10.2021. 

    Tervetuloa osastollemme A 184!

    Lisää tietoa löytyy messujen sivuilta.

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  • 03.11.2020
    Contact us

    We have updated the contact and visiting information

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  • 14.10.2020
    Elcon takes part in the Network 2012 trade fair 20.–21.1.2021

    Elcon participates the Network 2021 trade fair at Tampere 20.–21.1.2021.

    Welcome to our exhibition stand A 184.

    We'll see you there.

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  • 02.02.2020
    Welcome to visit our booth at SähköTeleValoAV 2020

    Dear Customers and Partners,
    Please visit us at SähköTeleValoAV 2020 trade fair!
    Stand D-106

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  • 15.12.2019
    Elcon is moving to new premises

    Ensuring the continuous growth of Elcon we are moving to a new location.

    Our new address is;
    Lukkosepänkatu 4
    20320 Turku

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  • 30.04.2019
    Mr. Rainer Nurkkala has been appointed as a new Managing Director

    Mr. Rainer Nurkkala (M. Sc. in Information Technology) has been appointed as a new Managing Director of Elcon Solutions and he will start from 6th May 2019. Mr. Nurkkala has a strong and versatile international sales and project experience on electricity and energy sector.

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