5 questions about climate action: Towards carbon neutrality with solar power systems

This article is produced by the City of Turku and it was originally published on the City of Turku's website.


Elcon Solutions, a promoter of renewable energy, focuses on solar power and energy storage in its operations. By developing and selling battery technology, the company enables an energy transition across various industries. Products designed and manufactured in Finland play a part in reducing carbon emissions and ensuring the security of energy distribution.



Climate action in a nutshell


Elcon Solutions


  • Designs, manufactures ja developes battery-backed systems and solar power technology
  • Collaborates with customers and partners to develop best practices and processes
  • Has also invested in solar energy for its own operations, particularly concerning facility premises


Sales Director Rainer Nurkkala answered to following questions.



1.       Describe your climate action shortly


We design, manufacture, and develop battery-backed systems. Currently, we are piloting the production and storage of solar energy using battery technology. The goal is to commercialize these products, making them available to customers and thus replicating climate action. Our battery-backed AC and DC power supply systems are suitable for power plants, electricity distribution, rail transport, industrial, as well as ICT and telecommunication electrical systems. We also deliver backup systems to industries and power grid operators to secure energy distribution.



In 2022, we delivered a 50 kWh battery storage to the Turku Student Village Foundation's Tyyssija building as part of the Response project. In 2023, we have installed a 60 kWp solar power system on our own premises. This year, an additional 50 kWh battery storage will be added to the system. Our premises have electric vehicle charging stations and heating stations. The heating in our premises is powered by heat pumps, and the majority of our energy comes from our own solar power. All the energy we purchase is renewable.



We are also undergoing a transition where lead-acid batteries are being replaced by lithium batteries, which we supply to our customers. In our purchases, we ensure the supplier's responsibility.



2.       How does your climate action reduce carbon emissions?



On our property's roof, we generate 55 MWh of solar energy per year, resulting in a saving of 810 kg/year in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels. Additionally, solar energy is stored in a 50 kWh battery storage. Due to the battery storage, approximately 190 kg/year of CO2 emissions are generated. For customers and employees, there are 9 slow-charging points (3.7 kW) and 6 medium-speed charging points (22 kW) reserved for electric vehicle charging. During the summer, the majority of the vehicle charging energy comes from our own solar power. Real-time kWh production and CO2 savings reports are available for the solar power. Additionally, a separate report indicates the number of trees saved through solar energy.



3.       Why are you taking climate actions and why did you join in making Turku carbon-neutral?



Elcon Solutions Oy's fundamental value is sustainable development, with a focus on climate issues. We continuously improve the quality of our operations and the realization of our environmental goals. We operate in accordance with environmental legislation and contribute to societal sustainability goals in all areas of our operations. We have an ISO 14001 environmental management system in place, and our operations are continually audited by standards and partners.



Our key customers have stringent sustainability goals, which, in turn, create expectations and obligations for us. Therefore, we collaborate with customers and partners to develop best practices and processes, aiming to make energy and material use more efficient and sustainable, without forgetting supply chains. At the same time, we work to prevent environmental pollution.



4.       What is the potential in your industry to reduce carbon emissions, and by what means?



The potential for emissions reduction in our industry is significant, and the means available are substantial. There is a strong desire within the industry to strive for carbon neutrality, and companies have the resources to implement an energy transition, including investments in research and innovation. Continuously evolving technological solutions enable the reduction of carbon emissions for others as well, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.



5.       What message do you want to convey to other stakeholders?



In addition to our own solar energy investments, we offer solar energy solutions to our existing and new customers for reducing carbon emissions in the Turku area and globally. The product packages are showcased at our location on a non-stop basis.