A meaningful job description and a pleasant work community add up to a cozy workplace

— This job is a great combination of different tasks. Occasional gig work helps balance everyday routines. At the moment, my main tasks are testing switchboards and training staff in assembly. Variation comes from commissioning and maintenance gigs, says Toni Sulin. Sulin started working at Elcon in assembly right after his military service and now works as a switchboard mechanic.


After starting his career in assembly, Sulin’s job description has constantly expanded. Today, new employees still go through the same learning process: they start with simpler tasks and move on to more challenging work as their expertise increases.


— My degree in Electrical Engineering has been a good base for my work here at Elcon. I have studied coding in my free time, which has also been useful. The majority of learning obviously comes from the work itself. The atmosphere here is good – we are happy to answer each other’s questions and tackle challenges together.


Testing switchboards requires precision and meticulousness


The work of a tester requires precision and meticulousness. If topped off with a passion for problem solving, testing can be very rewarding.


— Testing gets easier with experience. Developing a product to its most functional and highest-selling form brings a challenge to my work. Of course, product development cannot be taken to extremes. The price of the product has to remain at a sensible level for the customer. I have been involved in developing the mechanics and the technology of new products.


Sulin’s extensive work experience is a great advantage in the maintenance and commissioning tasks he occasionally performs at the sites of customers and contractors.


— Irregular gigs bring much needed variation to everyday routines. Customers also provide direct feedback on the products, which is valuable in terms of product development and sales.


A clear job description brings balance to everyday life


If a person works the same job for 10 years, there is a reason behind it. Commitment stems from many different factors. At Elcon, there is an atmosphere of trust and easy-goingness. According to Sulin, this is achieved through good leadership, varying work tasks and a low hierarchy. Coming back to work from vacation is easy when you know exactly where to pick back up.


— Our staff turnover is pretty low, so I have known my co-workers for a long time. The open dialogue here at Elcon motivates learning. We do not have to be afraid of making mistakes. Variating tasks keep our interest up. I am happy working here and pleased to see Elcon moving forward and growing. Growth always comes with new possibilities.