Elcon and Polarinst delivered main switchboards for fluidized bed boilers in Finland and Czech Republic

Elcon Solutions and Polarinst delivered DC and AC switchboards for fluidized bed boilers in Tampere, Finland and in Přerov, Czech Republic during spring 2022. Elcon Solutions was responsible for the design in both projects and Polarinst took care of the installation work and installation support. Altogether 25 people worked in the projects.


DC accumulator systems with 1200 Ah batteries

In Tampere, Elcon and Polarinst were responsible for designing and installing two 1200 Ah accumulator systems to an environmentally friendly CFB boiler. The CFB boiler is connected to district heating and electricity production. Domestic manufacturer’s modular system was used in the switchboard which included 18 fields.  The customers main switchboard has two separate DC systems with batteries which secure power supply and the activity of the boilers in possible fault situations redundantly. The project lasted approximately 10 months from the design phase to the commissioning phase and altogether 10 people from both companies worked in the project.


AC systems of over forty fields was delivered in the Central Europe

Main switchboards of 1600 A as well as smaller switchboards totaling 44 fields and duplicated UPS system were delivered in Přerov, Czech Republic. The switchboard frames were assembled from Rittal modular system, and the used electric components were mainly OEZ products which Elcon Solutions also imports. The end customer had high-quality requirements for the components used in the project.


Because the Přerov BFB boiler plant utilizes old buildings, the available space was limited which demanded a precise design of the main switchboard. The routing and input of large cables had to be scaled carefully so that the enclosure did not became too large.  Elcon and Polarinst utilized their 25 professionals’ wide knowledge of the components, automation and experience of design and installations in this challenging project.


– We utilized in the design the features of open enclosure and with that we were able to keep the enclosure as small as possible. We thought the scaling from several different point of views and we carefully chose the used components. In this project, experience and professionalism had a big role, tells Elcon Solutions’ Design Engineer Jukka Kitunen.


Continuous and available installation support played an important role

Elcon Solutions and Polarinst utilize their special expertise and collaborate closely in project deliveries. The companies’ personnel travels around the globe conducting installations and commissioning projects.


In the abroad based projects, the companies ensure that the customer receives required certificates in a timely manner. For example, in the Central Europe, the basic certificates are not sufficient and along them project and switchboard specific certificates are required. It is typical for the projects to have precise and tight schedules which require continuous availability in the form of support from the partner during the installation phase in Central Europe.


– One of the most essential things from the point of view of the customer is the continuous connection during installation work. We kept an eye on the installation works from Finland, and we were available for installation support. Every week we had a meeting with the customer where we monitored the proceedings of the installation works.


The companies are satisfied with the outcome of the projects. They were able to find solutions to challenging situations. After two similar projects it is safe to say that Elcon’s expertise in designing boiler’s switchboards is on a good level, as well as fresh in their minds.


– We went through numerous documents to which we based design drawings. After carrying out two big projects we can say that we know these kinds of boilers’ electrical control philosophy in-depth. Beside that we found several functional and space saving solutions through design and component choices.