Elcon is committed to a long-term development

The most important thing for a customer during the contract negotiations is the price. Besides delivery reliability and great quality-price ratio, the customer can get a whole lot more, when goals and wishes are communicated openly during the negotiations. At Elcon they are happy to discuss about these things.


– To our customers, we offer a partnership which is beneficial for both partners. Innovations and development are focused to solutions which advance both, the customer and us, says Mika Lappalainen CEO of Elcon.


The whole personnel are committed to maintaining quality systems


Stable quality is not a coincidence, but it is achieved by systematic work. The CEO does not want to highlight any specific subject, which is in excellent state in the company. According to Lappalainen “we already make things as good as we can, and our aim is to turn the good to be the best”. Lappalainen also credits their personnel for the stable and ongoing maintenance of the quality systems.


 – Our supervisors and employees are committed to maintaining the quality systems, because they know how beneficial those are. Being systematic makes everyone’s life easier.


Another motivating factor for developing the quality systems is that the company allocates generated savings to the use of the personnel.


– We have succeeded in creating a win-win-situation: Our personnel are rewarded for their good work and this work causes benefits for the company and for the customers.


“Our professionals are remarkably interested in this field”


At Elcon they focus on listening and having conversations with the customer. From the basis of these conversations, they can offer solutions tailored to meet the customer’s needs. At Elcon they do not sell package solutions right from the shelf. The aim of the conversations is to find a solution which will serve the customer now and, in the future, as well.


Trust is built when customers notice that beside ongoing contract manufacturing, Elcon also offers services for customers’ needs which might be the most various and need innovations. The development requires from the personnel a real desire for innovation and solving challenges, on top of the know-how they already have.


– People working with us are really interested in their field of work. Positive attitude and motivation to develop new solutions causes visible results which directly benefits our customers.


Taking responsibility on every aspect of the business


As a partner of big and international companies, Elcon maintains and develops quality systems (ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015) as well as code of conduct. With business continuity plan they ensure functions under surprising circumstances. The company uses ERP system which is vastly utilized in planning of the company’s economy, service processes, and course of actions. Pedantic documentation has been one of the company’s most important course of actions for a long time.


– We are ready to develop our operations according to the strict requirements our customers have. Even better, if the development can be utilized for our other functions in the long run as well. It is great that in these kind of collaborations big customers are willing to understand the viewpoint of the supplier.


Interested in collaboration? Get to know our personnel and give us a call!