Elcon Solutions and Polarinst deliver extensive projects around the globe

Elcon Solutions Oy and Polarinst Oy formed a group in June 2021, and the companies moved to shared premises in November 2022. As a result of the group structure, the delivery reliability and availability of installation services for both companies have reached an excellent level. The companies now have the capacity to offer projects that require different expertise and work input from 20 to 30 people.


– Our customers are interested in a partner who has the resources to carry out projects with diverse services. Thanks to the collaboration between Elcon and Polarinst, we can guarantee delivery reliability for our staff in commissioning, installation, and maintenance projects, as well as offer almost around-the-clock technical support, says CEO Mika Lappalainen


In the future: clear division of responsibilities and technical support

The goal in the partnership of Elcon and Polarinst is to offer design, products, installations and commissioning from the same supplier for the customer.


– Coordinating between several different suppliers is arduous for the customer and for the service provider.  “The more the merrier” does not apply to projects but instead working with many stakeholders grows the margin of error. Because of this, “one supplier – one invoice” -principle is the most valued option for the customers. This principle means that the division of tasks and responsibilities are clear for the stakeholders, and we improve this service every day.


Companies are building the partnership in a way which offers useful continuity for the customers.


– Our service does not end to the commissioning, but it continues in maintenance, maintaining and keeping up with the customer on a regular basis. This means that the customer receives the best possible support in the future as well.


Stable and safe partner for the long run

When choosing a partner, it is important to have a clear vision and goals for the future.  The operations must be planned and stable to withstand any potential downturns. In the Elcon and Polarinst group, combining the resources of both companies' experts balances the operations of both companies.


– We currently have a remarkable team of professionals with expertise in planning and implementation related to renewable energy projects. By monitoring the order backlog of both companies and dividing the work, we can balance the use of our resources in a way that enables working on a steady pace.


Elcon is constantly developing its products, and Polarinst supports the operations by performing assembly and installation work. Additionally, Polarinst has good opportunities to market Elcon's services through a large global network of contacts.