Finnish company Elcon takes care of electricity distribution and power supply also during crises

Finnish company Elcon takes care of electricity distribution and power supply also during crises

Elcon Solutions manufactures power supply systems for critical targets in which high safety factors are self-evident. Elcon has four standard models for power supply systems: DC, AC, Hybrid and DC/DC systems.  The Elcon Power Systems main components are rectifiers, batteries, converters, and inverters which are installed in a system cabinet and controlled by the system controller. The main components as well as the outputs are modular. Thereby Elcon Power Systems are customized according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.


Elcon Power System provides the lowest lifecycle costs on the market


Elcon has developed and designed their products for fifteen years – and it has paid off. Elcon Power Systems (EPS) has been delivered to eighty different countries to respond to the needs of power plants, industries, ICT, railway traffic, and telecom. In other words, this means over 2000 delivered EPS’s. The Finnish manufacturer ensures that the components are at hand as well as fast technical support when maintenance is needed. Elcons’ database holds vast amount of information from the fifteen-year period and this information is used to improve their products even further.

– The durability of the components we have chosen to use has been tested thoroughly. We have also chosen components which are available in the future as well. Because of this, the lifecycle costs of the products are the lowest on the market, says Rainer Nurkkala, Sales Director of Elcon Solutions.


Easy installation, ready to use – this is Elcon Power System


– We deliver to our customers products that are easy to understand and use. In practice this means that we must choose the right solution for the customer, test meticulously before delivery, deliver clear installation guidelines, and ensure accessible technical support over the phone. Before choosing the solution for our customer, we check things that might not even cross our customer’s mind.

Every device leaving the factory is tested thoroughly before delivery. The device’s cables are also checked to make sure that they are the right fit for the customer’s connections. After the installation the device is ready to be used because it is already parametrized.

– The mechanics have a sweet spot for our devices because the installation is so easy. The design is thought through to make the installation and commissioning a piece of cake for competent mechanics.


Demanding customers have made us to exceed ourselves


Elcon also consults customers after they have purchased the products. The customer relations are more like partnerships than only buying and selling products and services.

– We have an exceptional customer base that knows exactly what they want. They have high standards which is a great thing. Know-how and experience are not enough in these kinds of collaborations. The most important things are the will to excel and success. We are sincerely interested in providing the best possible solution on the market. We aim to be a partner, who offers something new for the most experienced project managers around.


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