Polarinst and Elcon Solutions offer jobs in Finland and abroad

Polarinst and Elcon Solutions offer jobs both in Finland and abroad. Polarinst and Elcon Solutions, originating from the Turku region, are strengthening their foothold in the market, which requires solutions for various challenges in energy production. Elcon Solutions designs solutions for renewable energy production and storage, while Polarinst has strong expertise in the design, development, and installation of electrical automation solutions for the shipbuilding industry and power plants. The companies form a group together and work closely together on all customer projects.

Hybrid work at the factory and on assignments

The collaboration between these two companies offers employees diverse opportunities to work in different environments and job roles. Some employees have taken advantage of the opportunity to break the routine of working "nine to five" by also taking on temporary assignments. The staff has found this opportunity to be a good advantage: temporary assignments usually provide good earnings, and they are also seen as interesting experiences. When temporary assignments do not become too long, motivation remains high, and after returning, everyday routines are appreciated in a different way.


The employee's place of residence can be in the Vaasa or Turku region – or even in Singapore!

Currently, the companies are seeking reinforcements in the form of several automation technicians who have an interest in working on various projects in different parts of Finland and/or abroad.


—Polarinst has a group of technicians who perform maintenance work in locations around the world. We also have long-standing customer relationships in various parts of Finland. If an employee does a lot of temporary work, their place of residence may not necessarily be of great importance," says CEO Mika Lappalainen.


Varied tasks based on skills and interest

The job satisfaction at Elcon and Polarinst is high. This is evident, among other things, in the low staff turnover. Based on feedback from the staff, it has been revealed that people enjoy working in a small organization where everyone knows each other. The good atmosphere, flat hierarchy, and the opportunity to influence their own tasks receive praise.


—It is clear that people have different preferences regarding job tasks. Some prefer regular working hours and clearly defined tasks, while others are motivated by regularly changing tasks and environments. Therefore, we want to offer our staff the opportunity to seek out tasks that suit them.


Applications are now open!

Polarinst and Elcon Solutions are currently seeking several new automation technicians to join their team, which already consists of over 30 people. The application period ends at the end of May, and work can be started during this summer after the orientation period.


—I encourage everyone interested in the field to confidently submit their applications to us because we need various skilled professionals to join our team!