Robin Ingman's work is a combination of everyday life in Vaasa and projects around the world.

Electrical power engineering technician Robin Ingman, originally from Sundom, is currently on a business trip in China. Ingman, one of the service engineers working on projects for Polarinst, is intensely involved for a month in updating the engine control system of an LNG tanker.


Ingman and his colleagues headed towards 30-degree heat at the end of March 2024, while snow still covered the ground in Finland. The workdays are longer than what many are used to back home, but time still passes quickly.


    We usually work 12 hours a day. We're not here for fun, but we do spend time together in the evenings. The workdays go by quickly.


    Polarinst has sent seven people to work on the tanker. Many of them travel much more than Robin, who combines business trips with his everyday life and his own electrical installation business in Vaasa.


    This is my first trip in about a year. During the corona period, there were many heavy restrictions on business trips; now they feel exciting again. Our work group here is very skilled and experienced. It's easy to join in, Ingman says.


A good work community is essential for task success


    Although Ingman's international trips have been few recently, he is far from a beginner in travel work. Ingman has worked in the United States, Japan, Spain, France, Scotland, and England.


    The working model at Polarinst suits Ingman particularly well:


    Although many offer similar work tasks, I have chosen to work for Polarinst specifically. One reason is that I get along very well with everyone here. There have never been any issues in that regard.


    In travel work, the company or client takes care of practical arrangements. Employees essentially just need to get on the right plane and start the journey. In the current project, Ingman and his colleagues take a bus to the hotel at the end of the workday. In the evenings, the group often eats together. Ingman describes the work community as having a significant impact:


    People who enjoy close interaction with others thrive in this type of work. Everyone I've worked with at Polarinst has been very helpful and nice. These qualities are important when working and living together as intensively as we sometimes do.