Solar power system for the factory already this autumn?

Has your company been planning to acquire a solar power system that can generate a significant portion of the power consumption for production machines and air conditioning?


If so, now is the time to act!

Elcon Solutions delivers secure, industrial-grade 20…100 kWp solar power systems installed by Polarinst.


Our solar power system utilizes the best mounting systems, inverters, and highly efficient solar panels for energy collection. Our delivery includes needs assessment, design, installation, commissioning, and warranty, in addition to the products themselves.


If your company is ready to make a decision on acquiring a solar power system by Midsummer, the solar panels can be put into use this year.


Who is Elcon's solar power system the optimal choice for?


• All industrial facilities looking to cover a 20…100 kW energy demand with solar power.


• Companies aiming to reduce emissions and take concrete actions towards sustainable development.


• Companies interested in solar power storage as well.



Why choose Elcon Solutions and Polarinst?


• We handle the entire delivery process of the solar power system, from planning to commissioning.


• We ensure the functionality and safety of the system.


• We are experts in solar power systems. We provide support for usage, maintenance, and more, if needed.


• We also offer battery storage for the solar power systems we deliver.



You can find a similar solar power system on the roof of our factory.


Watch a video of the installation at our testing facility.


Make a decision and order the solar power systems before the holidays.


Contact us for more information!

Rainer Nurkkala

+358 44 538 6003