Solar-powered batteries ensure electricity supply even during outages

Elcon Solutions offers solar-powered batteries that are designed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized industrial companies. The company installed a similar battery in its own factory in November 2023.


"We installed a 60 kWp solar power system in our factory this year," says Rainer Nurkkala from Elcon Solutions. "We produce 55 MWh of solar energy from the roof of our own factory per year, and for this purpose we now have a 50 kWh battery storage system."

What size battery for solar energy storage?


There are many questions that arise when purchasing a battery, and price is not the only question. Nurkkala recommends choosing a battery of the same size as the solar panel system. If you want to collect solar energy initially with a smaller battery, it is easy to add new batteries later thanks to their modular system.


Efficient electricity from the grid stored in winter and cloudy weather


The large fluctuations in electricity prices have a significant impact on production costs in industry. If you are using market electricity, the batteries of a solar power system can be used to equalize costs during peak prices. During winter and cloudy periods, reserve power can be charged from the grid at an affordable electricity price and used when the price rises.


"In practice, our factory uses solar energy to the full extent from March to October (8 months). During the other months, we use the battery as a backup source," says Nurkkala.


The battery has its own software for control. Two smart meters installed in the system collect and bring information to the software, through which the operation of the battery can be controlled in the desired way.


UPS that ensures the operation of the factory even during power outages


Unexpected power outages always cause additional work and costs for the operation of the factory. A battery that also functions as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ensures uninterrupted power supply and thus prevents disruptions caused by even short outages in production and telecommunications.


A battery designed for the needs of small and medium-sized industrial companies


"Our battery designed for a solar power system is designed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized industrial companies operating in industry," says Nurkkala. "We know the needs of this target group well, and therefore the battery includes the features that are essential for these companies."


Elcon Solutions delivers batteries within a 6-8 week delivery time and also handles installation and commissioning on site in cooperation with Polarinst. Orders have already been placed for a similar 50 kWh battery storage system for next spring, which Elcon currently has in use in its own factory. In addition, orders have been placed for 10 kWh battery storage systems suitable for households.


You can also visit the solar power system and battery on site at Elcon's factory in Naantala by making an appointment in advance. For more information about batteries, contact Rainer Nurkkala


Current solar panel capacity and battery in its own use at Elcon Solutions:


    60 kWp solar panel capacity

    50 kWh battery storage system