The Perfect Balance of Office and Travel

Eetu Kenni’s career at Polarinst began with an internship in 2019. He was just a thesis away from graduating as Automation and Electrical Engineer and decided to finish his degree while working. Working at Polarinst turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Eetu decided to stay and is currently working at Polarinst as a Project Engineer.


─ I had not really planned my career beforehand. I thought working at Polarinst was wonderful and decided to stay. I have always gravitated towards positions I truly enjoy. Enjoying what you do makes going to work every day pleasant. It makes your everyday life not feel forced.


Kenni started out as a technician. Soon, other tasks were added to his job description, further expanding his skill set. Kenni is extremely happy with his current position.


─ This job provides the variety I look for. It is the perfect balance of office and travel and challenges me enough to keep my interest up. Naturally, a good, laid-back work community is crucial for job satisfaction. Everyone is allowed to be who they are and no one has to wonder whether they can speak up about something or not.


Assignments All Over the Globe


─ I already got on my first assignment in the summer of 2019. The trip lasted for three weeks. We travelled to New York across the Atlantic by ship. Travel work is exciting because you always learn something new. Assignments last from a week to a few weeks, depending on the destination.


When on an assignment, work can be done 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Usually, there are three co-workers, the customer’s representative and local workforce on-site. The duration of the trips depends on the project, but normally they last around 1─4 weeks.


─ The most exciting and probably the most exotic destination I have been to was in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest. We spent three weeks in Brazil and then three weeks at home. The project lasted about a year in total and there were multiple people involved from our company, as well.


Cooperation with Elcon Solutions Brings Synergistic Benefits


Kenni believes it is brilliant that Polarinst and Elcon Solutions, who form a corporation together, continuously strengthen their cooperation. After moving into a joint facility, the companies can now utilize both companies’ expertise and offer customers even a larger variety of services.


─ The tighter cooperation is already having positive effects on our everyday life ─ I am already running a lot of Elcon projects. From an employee’s perspective, the cooperation is nothing but positive and brings with it whole new possibilities.