The wireless battery monitoring system minimizes the number of maintenance visits and reduces overall maintenance costs

Elcon delivers wireless battery monitoring system CELLGUARD™ Wireless. The monitoring system is especially suitable for lead batteries (BMS). The connection between battery sensors and Base Coordinator Unit is formed wirelessly.

This system offers precise and reliable indicator of the battery health through analyzing voltage, temperature, and monitoring conductance. It is possible to monitor the condition of the battery in real time through the web-interface which is included in the monitoring system. The interface allows changes, updates and monitoring the whole system remotely. With noise tolerance the CELLGUARD™ wireless battery monitoring system is suitable for power plants and data centers. This battery monitoring system can monitor up to 16 battery strings with 300 batteries at maximum.


The need for capacity/discharge tests reduces


In some cases, capacity/discharge tests might cause temporary breaks in securing operations. The battery monitoring system decreases these risks. The monitoring system do not remove the need of capacity/discharge tests completely, but it reduces the need of them remarkably. The capacity of battery is measured with sensors and the trend chart which formulates over longer period with the help of measurements will tell when the condition of the battery is in such a state that it needs essential maintenance.

The wireless system consists of these components:

  • Wireless sensor
  • Base Coordinator Unit BCU
  • Voltage, temperature and current measurement unit (VTC)
  • DC-DC -inverter
  • Current converter
  • CONVERGETM Web-interface

The installation of the wireless monitoring systems needs only one maintenance break to be available for use.


Reduce the overall maintenance costs


By using condition monitoring (trend charts) it is possible to plan the necessary maintenance actions for the battery proactively (preventive maintenance) before the battery state-of-health is unsatisfactory. For example, if the conductance trend graph shows that the battery is nearing the end of its service life, the maintenance break can be planned beforehand and be performed on time. If the replacement batteries are only purchased when the condition of the batteries is already poor, considerable costs and delays in the operation of the battery backup system may arise. Preventive maintenance and reduction of capacity tests will decrease the overall maintenance costs of the batteries.


Solutions for battery monitoring in an environment with electromagnetic interference


If the batteries are in an environment with electromagnetic interferences, the remote monitoring can be done with CELLGUARD™ Wired battery monitoring system (BMS). This system has the same benefits as the wireless version, but the connection between sensors and Base Coordinator Unit is wired.


The user interface enables remote system monitoring, configurations, and firmware updates


CONVERGE™ web interface comes with the wireless and wired battery monitoring systems as default. The interface enables the following operations:

  • Perfect overall evaluation of the condition of battery and battery strings.
  • Real time information about the voltage, temperature, conductance and the resistance of the connection between batteries
  • Two-way communication inside network allows for remote configuration, setup, changes, and firmware updates
  • Configurations can be downloaded and saved or if needed, to be used for setting up other similar assemblies
  • Remote BCU and sensor firmware updates, Modbus configuration, manual tests for voltage, temperature and conductance and the system reset
  • Clear picture of the overall condition of the system, alarms and warnings

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