Year 2021 was a time of change for Elcon

Extensive EPS AC and DC system projects such as Wärtsilä Smart Technology Hub Vaasa, Hitachi GRQ5A in the Netherlands, Fingrid Kärppiö and Wärtsilä CCI Mexicali Oriente / CCI Parque Industrial provided a good starting point for the past year. The company's processes and delivered projects achieved the quality targets set in the ISO standards.

The corporate reorganization started in the spring and its implementation with Polarinst Ltd brought credit and stability to the company. The reorganizational arrangements between Polarinst and Elcon liberated the atmosphere of the work community and gave energy to the company' s development work. Coercion and old-fashioned thoughts were left behind, with new and innovative ideas. The allocation of human resources has increased productivity and employee motivation through renewed work assignments.

Interesting projects this year, such as the development of RESPONSE (integrated Solutions for Positive eNergy and resilient CitiEs) and Elcon's Lithium High-Voltage Battery Storage, will lay the foundation for renewable energy storage. 

A good start to 2022 has been made possible by the increased motivation and innovative ideas of our staff and good customer relationships.