Batteries to shave energy peaks and to secure critical functions

Places where are considerable peak demands or extended runtimes require big batteries. With Elcon’s batteries it is possible to secure, for example, control systems of factories for several hours or even up to a day to secure the undisturbed functions of a factory.


Batteries are a step closer to self-sufficiency


Energy becoming more expensive, unstable world situation and environment friendly thinking have risen the interest towards self-sufficiency in the terms of electrical energy. Self-sufficiency is seen as an important and interesting matter in every sector of the society.


A good example of this interest is the Response-project, in which energy positive neighborhoods and cities are piloted. Elcon takes part to this project with their batteries, which are connected to the DC Microgrid. This high voltage electrical grid covers several real estates. DC batteries are joined to the electrical grid, and they are used to store renewable energy. The stored energy can be distributed between the real estates joined to the DC Microgrid without additional conversions.


– Batteries are the most suitable for the storing of renewable energy, such as solar energy. The batteries can also be a part of a bigger energy storage system. Because the green transition is accelerating, the need for these kinds of batteries will probably grow, says Juha Raukola, Engineering Manager of Elcon.


Storing the renewable energy helps to shave consumption peaks and reduce energy bill when energy demand is high. With the stored energy it is possible to optimize the use of the most affordable electricity. When the price of the electricity or the consumption are high, savings can be achieved through using one’s own energy storage.



Undisturbed power to critical functions



Elcon’s batteries are the perfect fit for e.g., industry systems, electricity distribution and to secure data traffic, as well as for UPS’s. Elcon has also delivered verification systems to critical functions, which maintain society’s technical infrastructure.


– In a society there are always some places which must be running undisturbed in every situation. We are very proud that our devices fill the criteria for the highest standards, and we can be a part of actions which make our society safer.


The right battery for the right place


Battery technology is developing fast but traditional lead acid batteries are still relevant in the market. The popularity of lithium batteries is raising because of their excellent charging and discharging features. These features are important when the battery is charged and discharged frequently, even daily. Lead batteries are a great fit to locations where extended run is not needed so often but when it is needed, the extended runtime is longer. Additionally, they are popular because of their price.


Batteries based on lithium technology are a versatile group. For example, lithium iron phosphate batteries used in the Response-project have a lifetime of 15 years, which is remarkably longer than lithium-ion batteries.


– When thinking about the most suitable solution it is important to give a thought for the use of the batteries. Seemingly more affordable product might not be cheaper for the long run if the batteries do not fill the demands of the use. For example, using lead acid batteries in a hot climate is not the best decision. Instead, one should prefer nickel cadmium batteries which can tolerate heat much better than lead batteries.


Finnish know-how to develop hydrogen economy


Finnish government announced on the 22nd of June 2022 that a national hydrogen network will be established in Finland. The ambitious climate targets set by Finland and the EU, the rise in energy prices and phasing out Russian fossil energy have accelerated the need to find new energy solutions, particularly emission-free ones. There are also other reasons behind this decision – the Finnish government sees a great potential in the hydrogen economy, and it hints in the announcement that Finland could have a remarkable role as a hydrogen producer and as a country exporting hydrogen.


This is not a surprise for Elcon and they already have thought solutions for the hydrogen technology.

– We have taken this into consideration in our products. We have the technical readiness to add fuel cells as a part of electric distribution verification in the EPS System. Hydrogen produced with using renewable energy is completely clean and with the help of fuel cells it can be turned into electrical and heat energy. By replacing, for example, a diesel generator with fuel cells emissions can be reduced remarkably.


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