Elcon won Nokia

Janne Nurmi swam upstream in the end stage of his studies when he did not apply for an internship in Nokia’s factory in 2008. Instead, Nurmi wanted to do his internship in a company where he could get familiar with the field from a more versatile viewpoint.


– I had heard that in Nokia engineering students were put working on an assembly line. I wanted something else, and I applied for the internship at Elcon. I did my diploma work here and after that they made me a permanent employee, says Nurmi.


Elcon is known for long-term employments and changes in the personnel are small. The company still employs interns who are looking for a place where to do their diploma work.


– I believe that the free and positive atmosphere in our company is the reason why people stay with us. We do not watch over other’s shoulders but instead we trust to our colleague’s know-how. It is important to have long-term employees with us because they know a lot about the company, and they also have tacit knowledge.


Sales Manager with deep technical know-how


Nowadays Nurmi works at Elcon as a Sales Manager, who has a strong technical understanding of Elcon’s products and solutions. Customer gets an accurate offer cost wise because the offer is made precisely according to the customers hopes and needs. Rapid and thorough replies to call for offers are one of Elcon’s competitive factors.


– I have worked in testing for several years and I have taken part to developing our current EPS systems.  So, I am very familiar with these products and solutions. This is one of the most important things working as a salesperson. We want to sell solutions which work for the customer the best way possible. That is why the salesperson should be able to give answers to very different questions. If we do not know the answer, we will look for it. This field of business fascinates me to a point where new questions are always an interesting challenge. The on-going learning is one of the most fascinating things at Elcon.


A trustworthy supplier for international companies


Elcon emphasizes process development and continuously maintaining quality . As a partner for multinational companies Elcon has been able to develop their actions and products to answer to the most demanding terms the customers could have.


– We do not compromise the quality of our products, documentation and instructions are on an excellent level and we have designed the installation to be as easy as possible. We stand behind the products we have developed and manufactured – our product is adequate for whatever additions the customer would like to add to it.